Elijah was Bold

Go with me back to the time of Elijah. It was a time of great darkness and evil. The reign of the Kings of Israel was not good, they were all evil. King Ahab was no exception. Out of nowhere comes a prophet. His name was Elijah and he was not an important person. He was just a man that God had chosen to speak for Him to tell Israel that they needed to repent and turn to God. Imagine walking into the President of the United States’ office and telling him that God had a message for him and that it was not going to rain until he said so. Elijah told the king that this message was from the living God. Today we have a problem telling our neighbors about Jesus. Today we need the boldness of Elijah so that we can stand up to the evil of the world. To let everyone, know that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and they can have the peace that only God can provide. I really don’t like the world that we are living in today. I am committed to having the boldness to change our world for Jesus.

There have been many people in our history that was bold enough to change their part of the world. One of these people was John Knox. He was a preacher in Scotland during the reformation and founded the Presbyterian church in Scotland. John Knox was clearly a man of great courage. A man standing before Knox’s open grave said “Here lies a man who neither flattered nor feared any flesh.”  Knox also had a gentle and tender side. It was said that sometimes when he opened the Word of God, “he could not speak a word for his tears.” It was also said that the queen “feared the pen of John Knox more than the armies of Scotland.” He was a man of letters-a man of moving tenderness-and a prophet unafraid and unintimidated. It took that kind of man to meet that grim hour in Scotland. And it took a man like Elijah to meet this hour in Israel’s history. Just like John Knox and Elijah it will take people like them to change the world we live in.

God looks for special people at difficult times. God needed a special person to shine the light in the blackness of those days. But God doesn’t find them in a palace. God finds them in the streets or in places that we would never look. God is looking for men and women whose hearts are completely His, men and women who won’t blend into the scenery. Men and women with faith and fire in their spirits.

People want to shoot the messenger when that messenger does not bring good news? Elijah was only relaying the message that was best for Israel. Behind Elijah’s prayer that it would not rain was his burden for Israel. He loved his nation. He hated seeing it being taken over by false prophets—evil men who despised God’s covenant. Elijah had one goal: to rid Israel of these men. He reckoned that to pray that it might not rain would eventually lead to the confrontation on Mount Carmel. If we are bold enough, God will move and He will be with us ever step that we take. My question to you is are you bold enough to be an Elijah in our day? Do you love Jesus enough to tell others about Him?